What is Go-Ride Racing?

Go-Ride Racing (photo © Charles Potter)Go-Ride Racing is British Cycling’s exciting entry-level competition programme which offers local competition for novice cyclists under the age of 16, helping young people make a gradual transition into competitive cycling. A British Cycling racing licence is NOT required and the events are strictly aimed at novice racing cyclists.

British Cycling, the sport’s governing body, set up Go-Ride Racing to bridge the big step between club coaching sessions and regional competition. Young people who are new to the sport, whether they have joined a Go-Ride club or simply taken part in school coaching sessions can find the concept of racing very daunting. Turning up at your first race to find that a lot of the riders have far greater experience and what looks like very specialist equipment has often proved to be a barrier to competition for many riders new to the sport.

Go-Ride Racing events are organised by Go-Ride clubs and British Cycling’s Go-Ride Coaches, with equipment and prizes being provided by Sky. Every Go-Ride Racing event offers each young rider at least two opportunities to compete, providing more chances to experience bike racing.

Who is organising Go-Ride Racing in Bromley?

The Bromley Go-Ride Racing League has been set up by the three Bromley Go-Ride clubs – Penge, Priory and Bigfoot – with the support of British Cycling (special thanks to our local Go-Ride coach Jason Cattermole) and Bromley Cyclists.

Where do I go after Go-Ride Racing?

Once riders have grown in confidence and experienced success at Go-Ride Racing level, with advice and support, progression to open regional competition is actively encouraged. Go-Ride Racing acts as a stepping stone and the progression of successful riders to open regional competition maintains the best possible competitive experience for the constant influx of new riders starting out at Go-Ride Racing level.

Some common questions

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