Bikes and equipment

Most bikes are suitable for Go-Ride Racing © Charles PotterAs it is an entry-level competition, most bikes are suitable for use in the Bromley Go-Ride Racing League.

However, we have some recommendations to help you get the most out of the competition, and some regulations that you must follow to ensure your safety and that of other riders.

If you are a Go-Ride club member you can get advice about the suitability of bikes and equipment from your Go-Ride coach.


As the league holds its races on grass track and cross country mountain bike courses, we would recommend that riders use either a mountain bike or a cyclo-cross style bike. Bikes that are primarily designed for road use are unlikely to be suitable for these events.

We would recommend that tyres are selected to provide adequate grip on grass and muddy surfaces. Road tyres are unlikely to provide sufficient grip, and you may be prevented from riding if the race organiser believes that your tyres are not suitable for the surface and conditions of the race.

You should make sure that your bike and equipment meet the requirements set out in the standard bike, helmet and clothing checklist. This can be downloaded here (PDF file).


There are a number of equipment regulations set out in the Go-Ride Racing rules. These are designed to not only make sure you are safe, but to ensure the safety of other competitors. Decisions about the fitness of bikes and equipment are made by the race organiser.

  • A bike and safety check will be carrried out for every competitor before an event.
  • A discipline-specific bike is not required for Go-Racing Racing.
  • All bikes and equipment must be in full working order.
  • Two independent brakes should be fitted to all cycles.
  • Riders may not use fixed wheel bikes.
  • BMX trick nuts are not permitted, other than in individual time trial races.
  • All handlebar ends must be capped and not taped.
  • All tyre treads should be suited to the surface and conditions of which the race will take place.
  • An approved helmet must be worn by all competitors.

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