Racing disciplines

Go-Ride Racing covers six cycling disciplines:

  • Grass track
  • Cross-country mountain bike
  • Cyclo-cross
  • Closed road circuit racing
  • Cycle speedway
  • BMX

The last four of these disciplines require specialist facilities that are not available in  Bromley. As a result, the Bromley Go-Ride Racing League will focus on grass track and cross country mountain bike racing.

Grass track racing © Charles PotterGrass track racing

Grass track is ideally suited to entry level racing. Events are organised on a flat field with an oval track laid out using markers, with a start/finish line. Races are often short, enabling riders to experience a number of different races at any single event.

There are a large number of event possibilities in grass track racing based on races that would be experienced in a velodrome. some examples are listed below to give an idea of what could be included at a Go-Ride Racing event.

Scratch Race: All riders start together and race for a set number of laps. The first rider across the line is the winner.

Individual Time Trial: Individual riders are timed to complete a set number of laps of the track.

‘Devil’ Takes the Hindmost: This is a bunch race which sees the last rider to cross the finish line on each lap being eliminated from the race. When there are only 3 riders remaining the race becomes a flat out sprint over the last lap to declare the winner.

Points Race: This is a bunch race which involves riders sprinting for points on nominated laps. Usually the first 4 riders get points, 5 for first, 3 for second, 2 for third and 1 for fourth.

Cross country mountain bike racingCross-country mountain bike racing

Cross-country mountain bike races take place on off-road courses and generally have more technical sections. Riders start together (mass start) and complete laps of a marked course with climbing, descending, single track and technical sections (tight turns, changeable gradients, muddy or rocky terrain, etc.) all being part of a typical race.

A cross-country mountain bike course can be created on a wide variety of terrain – a challenging mountain bike course can be marked out on flat landwith a little ingenuity. Some venues, such as Orpington’s Priory School, have a mountain bike circuit laid out permanently (pictured right) with climbs, descents, tight turns and plenty of mud!

Other racing disciplines

For more information about the other Go-Ride Racing disciplines, visit the following pages on the British Cycling website:

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