Go-Ride Racing rules

The Bromley Go-Ride Racing League operates in accordance with British Cycling’s Go-Ride Racing Regulations 2010, which can be downloaded here.

Some important elements of the rules are summarised below.

Competitor eligibility

The aim of the league is to provide entry-level competition for young people under the age of 16, new to the sport, enabling novice riders to compete against others of the same age and ability.

Events are open to all youth novices, and are not limited to club members.

All entrants must receive prior consent from a parent or guardian before competing at each event, and parents or guardians are expected to remain at the event venue during competition.

Entry fees will be set by the host club and are payable by riders at the time of registration.


A bike and safety check will be carrried out for every competitor before an event.

A discipline-specific bike is not required for Go-Racing Racing.

All bikes and equipment must be in full working order.

Two independent brakes should be fitted to all cycles.

Riders may not use fixed wheel bikes.

BMX trick nuts are not permitted, other than in individual time trial races.

All handlebar ends must be capped and not taped.

All tyre treads should be suited to the surface and conditions of which the race will take place.

An approved helmet must be worn by all competitors.

It is at the discretion of the race organiser if a competitor and or his/her equipment is deemed fit or unfit to race.

For more information about equipment, please see the bikes and equipment page.

Health and safety

A risk assessment will be completed for all venues, approved by a British Cycling Level 2 coach.

At least one British Cycling Level 2 coach must be present at each event, along with a qualified first aider.

Public liability insurance is organised by British Cycling.

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